My name is Gabi Palacio and I studied Front End Development and Documentary Videojournalism at UNC Chapel Hill.

As a first generation American and the child of two immigrants from different nationalities, my family life is marked by cultural diversity. As showcased by the photos, videos and interactive web design projects on this site, the experience of living and traveling abroad has instilled in me a great appreciation for cultural, religious and ethnic diversity.

From an early age, I developed a passion for story telling and found great joy in interacting with people on a personal level. Alongside that passion, I developed a love for travel and all things international. Advocating for those who do not have a voice of their own is not only a career objective but also a life long passion, and through my work, I hope to give a voice to those who may not be able to do so for themselves.

Learning to understand the world from multiple perspectives has given me unique opportunities to appreciate the value of others’ diversity of culture and heritage. It is my life’s goal to use my gifts to influence others.

I hope you enjoy exploring this portfolio. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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